What Our Client’s Say


Roxana D. Google October 22, 2016

Thanks to Stephanie who has the lightest hand ever from all hygienists I've met, I'm looking forward for my cleaning sessions. She's calm, patient, tries to accommodate all my requests while doing her job. After one visit dr. Cristian Pavel suggested I try invisalign to correct my not so perfect smile. I'm one year into the treatment and the results are fantastic! This practice has a great team to work with!

George M. Google October 22, 2016

I've been going to Dr. Pavel since 1992. I am always pleased with the work they do. Always keeping up with the new technology. A nice family owned business.

Nicole P. Google October 22, 2016

I have been to many dentists over the years and this is by far the best one! The dentist and staff are very friendly and accommodating to their patients. I highly recommend Smile First to any individual or family.

Rita D. yelp August 3, 2016

"I have never been so satisfied by my dentist as I am here! I love Dr. Pavel's work and  office they are so friendly and clean and such a nice upscale looking office. Christina and Claudia are great at the front desk and Dr. Pavels assistant she is awsome she calms me down and gets me ready to get the work done I'm a big baby 🙂 his work and hands are like magic no pain and fast!! I feel as I have known them forever my aunt and uncle used them that's  how I found out about Dr.Pavel and since then  I have been hooked I made most of my friends and family see him no complaints and great experience for them also  🙂 THANKS FOR THE GREAT TEETH !!!"

Liana P. yelp August 3, 2016

"I've been going to Dr Ilie Pavel's office for years, and I can't imagine a better dental office. The staff is friendly, and the doctors are excellent- not to mention that the office is simply beautiful! They work with the latest technology and really good materials, and even complicated procedures like root canals and crowns go fast and easy. All the work I've had done in this office was high quality. Today I had to have two wisdom teeth extracted and Dr Zickmann, the surgeon, did it in about one minute with no pain! I highly recommend this office to anyone. If you've had bad experiences with dentists -like me- this place will change your  mind."

Michelle M. yelp August 3, 2016

"The experience @ Smile First was one of the best in my years of going to dentists.

Everything in the office inspires calm and professionalism. The corner for kids is a bonus since it keeps the little ones busy.

Dr. Pavel takes his time with each patient, is very thorough, explains all that needs to be done;  he will not do a patch-up job and rush you out only to have you come back after a week. His staff will take time to explain the pricing and options.

I took my 5yrs old son for check-up and he was not scared at all.
I was very happy about that!

I'd recommend Dr. Pavel with no hesitations."

Dmitry K. yelp August 3, 2016

"It is my pleasure to leave a feedback about the outstanding service that was provided by Dr. Cristian Pavel in his Family Dental Studio. My first visit to this clinic was for a routine dental cleaning. Notwithstanding, right from the first minute I was impressed by the perfect organization of their office: I didn't have to wait in line, all paperwork took no longer than a minute, and two minutes after I was already welcomed by Cristian to proceed with the dental cleaning.

Based on the X-ray, he professionally diagnosed numerous cavities that I have accumulated over the last two years avoiding dentists. Dr. Cristian Pavel also proposed a very reasonable and convenient schedule that would allow fixing them all in just three visits.

I was desired by an outstanding professionalism and patience of both Cristian and his assistant, John. They really care about the patient by clearly describing each and every step and procedure that they are going to proceed with. Moreover, they demonstrate intermediate steps of their work, which allows the patient to see what is going on with a particular tooth that is being fixed. They are real professionals! At the same time, both Dr. Cristian Pavel and his assistant, John, are very nice and friendly. All this makes you trust these gentlemen, which is extremely important connection between you and your doctor.

All this said, I strongly recommend Dr. Cristian Pavel. He is the best dentist that I have had so far. If every dentist will be like him, people would have no fear of dentists!"

Mette P. yelp August 3, 2016

"For all your dental needs look no further. The Drs. Pavel and Dr. Zickmann are the best in the business. Together with their super friendly and caring staff we would give them 6 stars.

Howard and Mette"

Maciek P. Yelp August 3, 2016

"I had chipped my tooth and needed it done right away. I called Dr. Pavel and took me in the next day. The office staff was very professional, friendly and was a very seamless process. Dr. Pavel and his assistant were very knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for everything Smile First !!"

Kate F. Yelp August 3, 2016

"This family owned and operated practice is absolutely wonderful! Not only is Dr. Pavel extremely talented and an expert in his field, but he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. The entire staff at this luxurious office is very warm and friendly. They make you feel right at home as if you're their only patient. I've heard of many dentists that seem to rush through the appointments without taking the time to provide explanations or even catch up on a personal level. In just one visit to Smile First, I learned more about dental hygiene than I thought existed, and I got the most thorough cleaning ever! Their superior level of service and attentiveness made me feel as if I were a close friend, very unique in my experience. I highly recommend Smile First! I guarantee you will leave with a SMILE =)"

Izzy S. Yelp August 3, 2016

"My whole life I've always had the fear of going to the dentist. It wasn't until my late twenties that I discovered Smile First and my whole life changed! The practice is clean and the staff is friendly. Dr. Pavel and the family are the best. I feel absolutely comfortable and relaxed every time I go now.  I highly recommend Smile First to everyone."

A J Facebook August 3, 2016

"These guys are the best!! I've had to go through a lot of dentist in my time but now that I've found smile first I know I'm set in Chicago. They are genuine, honest and will take care of you of like part of the family."

Michael Z. Facebook August 3, 2016

"Dr. Cristian Pavel at Smile First Dental Studio made me proud of my smile, and excited to get back to the dentist! Dr. Pavel took me from having an old, embarrassing, off-colored tooth(right in the middle of my smile) to a beautiful white capped tooth that blends in perfect to give me that wonderful smile i always knew i had. Thank you Dr. Pavel, you have a patient for life.

-Michael Zornes"

Nicole P. facebook August 3, 2016

"Best dental office EVER and Dr. Cristian Pavel is great! Him and his staff are always very professional, and keeps up on the newest procedures, updating his office with the newest tools to aid his patient's comfort.

Dr. Cristian Pavel is skilled, meticulous, has great chair side manner, and explains things thoroughly, in a way that makes the process seem effortless. I have been going to their office for almost a year now and each visit is always a great experience! Highly recommend Dr. Pavel's dental office."

Silvia S. Facebook August 3, 2016

"The best dentist and the best staff in town!!!! I've had extensive dental work for the past 20 years while living out of state. Having work done at Smile First with Dr. Pavel doesn't compare to my previous experiences . . . HDr Pavel is caring and dedicated to his work!
I strongly believe in customer service and I also believe that the front office can make or brake a business/practice . . . Julie has exceptional customer service skills and is the first face when you check in. Julie's professionalism and the same time friendliness makes you welcomed!!! Love Adela, Dr Pavel's assistant, for her personal touch during the visit . . . Cristina is the beautiful face of kindness, not to mention a terrific babysitter. Dr Reiss is incredibly talented and fun to be with during a boring root canal . . . If there is a calendar (like the one for the firefighters) for most beautiful dentists.... Dr Chris and his girlfriend Danielle should pose for the March page. With all that . . . I can justify my hour and a half travel to Smile First Dental Studio . . . THEY ARE THE BEST!"

Garrett S. Facebook August 3, 2016

"No one is a huge fan of going to the dentist, so believe me when I say that they make you feel like family here. Very professional, knowledgable, and friendly. Not too often in todays world that a business truly cares about the customer experience. Dr Cristian Pavel is a master at his craft and is clearly extremely passionate about his line of work."

Anita rateadentist.com August 3, 2016

"I hope you all know how wonderful I think you are- professional, top of the line dental care- you exude warmth & instill confidence in your patients- I'm always nervous about going to the dentist- but with your team, I feel well taken care of- you do your best to make me feel comfortable- I'm in good hands. Dr. I. Pavel- thank you."

Rosemary P. rateadentist.com August 3, 2016

"Every one, from,Julie on the phone to Stephanie, the hygenist to Christina( the heart of the office) and Dr. Pavel are outgoing and friendly, reassuring in their manner and very knowledgeable about their field. I have great confidence in this office and never worry about coming in."

rateadentist August 3, 2016

"I remember when going to the dentist was this chore that I always wanted to avoid. With the Pavels, I find my self looking forward to my next appointment. It's like going to see old friends. It's such a warm and inviting family atmosphere + I LOVE the music!"

Daniel B. rateadentist.com August 3, 2016

"Always a great experience - the care and services are superior to any other dental offices I ever used. Been a patient for 15 years and I am very happy with the work!"

Adina P. rateadentist.com August 3, 2016

"We recently saw Dr. Pavel for my daughter's dental issues. We were looking for someone trustworthy, friendly and using high quality medical material/equipment. We are very happy with our experience and recommend Dr. Pavel for your dental needs."

Alan G. rateadentist.com August 3, 2016

"I'm floored Everytime I go into smile first. They are always so helpful and conscious of their patients time, comfort and needs. I literally walk out with a better smile than I arrived with every time I have an appointment"

George L. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"Like father like son. Excellent dentist like his dad, top of the line equipment, knowledge, honesty. I don't like dentists period so it is very hard for me to say this: Pavel family is great no matter who deal with, the dad, the mom, and now the son and getting work done at their Chicago office is the least stressful thing in the week, whatever that week may be :)"


Adam B. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"His knowledge and attention to detail are second to none. He will always take his time and make sure you get the best out of each appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Cristian Pavel!"

Marian C. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"Professional excellent Crown it was done in 40 min., by computerized machine and cemented right away !. I can recommend to all my friends !"

Stephen J. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"Dr. Pavel and his office were great for a first time visit. I arrived about 10 minutes early and only had a few documents to fill out as I had completed most documents online. I had X-Rays and was seated before my appointment time. The office and Doc were very professional and thorough, and I would definitely recommend visiting their office."

Mike T. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"Dr. Pavel is very welcoming and did not keep me waiting whatsoever. We had a lengthy conversation about a treatment plan and I strongly feel he actually cares about the well being of his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Pavel"

zocdoc August 29, 2015 July 29, 2016

"Dr. Pavel has a beautiful office. I was welcomed as soon as I arrived & did not have to wait at all. I had put off finding a dentist for around 5 years and was worried about how things would go. My appointment went great. Dr. Pavel was awesome and really made sure I was comfortable and understood what was going on. He was very careful while cleaning my teeth (I hate getting my teeth cleaned). If you've put off going to the dentist, and/or just need a good dentist, I'd highly recommend Dr. Pavel. My visit went great."

Iuliana M. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"Great service, very flexible in scheduling. Never encounter any issues with our dental care provided by Dr Pavel. My family and I have been going to this dentist for a long time."

Adrian R. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"Very professional and friendly in the same time. Cares about your health, not your money."

Anthony K. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"Doctor Pavel was the best doctor to ever touch my teeth! He was quick, he was efficient, and he seemed very knowledgeable in his field. I definitely recommend him to everyone. He really was great! And he definitely just gained another usual"

Harry R zocdoc July 29, 2016

"Got a crown done. 1st one. Was done professional, looks great. They are so nice here and treat you with much respect.. Just great people. They really care about your teeth. Thank you!"

Andrea C. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"I was very happy to meet Mrs. Pavel who is the office manager for the practice. Dr. Pavel came on to the conference room with us briefly as we discussed my future treatment needs, insurance coverage and my costs. He explained what needed to be done and she explained via a complete typed version of each procedure with costs. They then broke it down into appointments for me to schedule. Julie the receptionist was very helpful in scheduling my first appointment at my convenience with Dr. Pavel at my side for verification of time needed. This is a very professional office with beautiful surrounding and a genuine caring attitude."

Daniela S. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"Very impressed! He was able to see me the same day I emailed about my pain."

Andrea C. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"Dr. Pavel is so professional yet personable and welcoming. His office is beautiful and staff is as kind and helpful as he is. He has the most gentle touch and after I've been remiss in getting my teeth cleaned or examined, he was more than kind. I would highly recommend him. He also sees children so I'll be referring him to all my kids and friends with grandchildren."

Luveta H. zocdoc July 29, 2016

"This was quite possibly the best dental appointment I've ever had. Everyone at the office was awesome and made sure I understood everything that was happening. They seem like a very happy team."

Jonathan A. zocdoc July 29, 2016

Cristian is the most caring and kind dentist I've ever encountered. He is professional and made me feel super comfortable in the chair. My teeth feel fantastic! Thank you for everything you do Dr!

Adina P. zocdoc June 25, 2016

Dr. Chris Pavel is a very skilled dental professional. My daughter and I have been patients of Dr. Chris for the past year and had significant dental work done. We had a good experience on every occasion. Also the latest technology is used in the office. Lastly Dr. Chris has gone out of the way to make us comfortable, especially my daughter who was very fearful of the experience. I highly recommend Dr. Chris Pavel.

Luveta H May 26, 2016 June 25, 2016

No wait, pain free, and I'm happy with the service! Dr. C and John are awesome.

Barbara zocdoc June 24, 2016

"I love my dentist I get but nothing but the best every time I go for my appointments. can’t wait until my next visit. thank you again."

Christian M. zocdoc September 8, 2015

Does great work and seems like a very comfortable guy to let work on your teeth. His assistant and him work really well together and try to keep everything they are doing nice and easy with minimum amount of pain. Good dentist, really good.