What Sets Us Apart

A picture of the Pavel Family at Smile First Family Dental Studio

At Smile First Family Dental Studio, we ARE a family, thus we treat you like family; we put you first, we stand by our work, and we strive to make you truly feel like part of OUR family. Our goal is to make you feel warm, welcome, and to develop a strong and long lasting bond that goes beyond just your teeth. Here’s what sets us apart from other dental offices:

We make time for quality

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A long lasting, high quality dental restoration takes time. We check, double check, and triple check every single aspect of everything we do to your mouth. Even if it’s the smallest composite filling, we treat it as if it was going to be placed in our mouth. While most dental offices strive to fill their schedules with as many patients as possible, we seek to ensure we have TOO MUCH time for each and every patient. This not only ensures the best quality work, but it also allows us time to educate you on preventing and maintaining your oral health, as well as time for us to connect and learn more about each other! When you come in for a cleaning, you can always trust that you will have time catch up with the doctor and have your mouth checked.

We use the latest technology and top of the line materials

If your a good cook, you know that your meal is only as good as the ingredients you put in. Much like cooking, quality dentistry cannot possibly be achieved without the best materials. While most offices cut costs and market “affordable dental care” by purchasing the cheapest products on the market, we take the time to diligently research for the strongest and longest lasting dental materials. Thankfully, there are a lot of unbiased research studies that evaluate the integrity of dental products in all realms of dentistry: https://www.dentaladvisor.com/awards/2015-product-awards/.  In order to keep up with the rapidly progressing world, we are constantly upgrading our products whenever a new product is PROVEN to be better and longer lasting than its leading competitor.
With that being said, the Dentists of Smile First 60659 have adapted a cutting edge technology that allows us digitally design and manufacture porcelain restorations much faster and more accurately than any dental lab! The technology is called CEREC. For more information click here.
We use the latest technology and top of the line materials.

We also implement digital radiography technology with the most minimal radiation exposure for our patient’s safety.

We stand by our work

Placing such a high emphasis on quality enables us to also offer guarantees. For any of our dental patients at Smile First 60659, that come in every 6 months for cleanings and checkups, we offer outstanding guarantees for all of our work!

We listen

We try to always make ourselves available to answer any questions, to offer our expertise, and to simply listen to your problems, goals, and desires. Dr. Cristian is always available to communicate via email, drcpavel@smilefirst.net. Much like family, we are always here for you!
A Picture Of The Founder Family At Smile First Family Dental Studio
A Picture Of The Founder Family At Smile First Family Dental Studio

We love educating and having fun!

The most important aspect of good oral health is knowledge. The more you know, the healthier you become. At Smile First 60659, we make sure you are well aware of what is good for your mouth and why, as well as what is not so good and why. We also take every opportunity to involve anyone eager to learn more!

A Picture Of Doctor Cristian Pavel With A Patient
A Picture Of Doctor Cristian Pavel With A Patient