Destination Dentistry!

Last December we finally had the opportunity to attend an acro yoga workshop in Toronto lead by the @acrobuddhas 🤸🏻‍♂️. Despite years of social media stalking and idolizing from afar with heart eyes 😍 and dropped jaws🙀, we were pleased to have made an instant connection with Ryan & Miranda in person. ⠀
A few weeks later, Ryan slid into our DMs📨 to reach out and open up to us about his teeth. He explained that he hadn’t been to a dentist in many years, and he was concerned about the health and appearance of teeth. Despite living in another country 🇨🇦, he still felt compelled to reach out to us. After a few months of dialogue and planning, we settled on one week in June to go ALL IN. 🗓⠀
With all our hectic schedules, that equated to only TWO ✌🏼 days of devotion to his treatment*:⠀
Day 1: Dr. Cris completed a full deep cleaning, two fillings, one extraction, and one CEREC same-day crown. ⠀
Day 2: Dr. Danielle created 6 direct resin veneers on the fly (no time for a lab fabricated wax-up). ⠀
*A treatment plan like this is normally performed over the course of a FEW MONTHS. ⏰ It’s extremely rare for someone to willingly sit for 14 hours in a dental chair, and do everything they’re told without complaint or hesitation. It’s also unheard of for a mouth to heal within 12 hours of a deep cleaning and molar extraction (must be the yoga!🧘🏻‍♂️). Given the time constraints & pressure, this case was extremely challenging, but we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results! Ryan, @theacroyogi is such a special soul. Creating a life changing transformation for him while forming a life-long connection… this’s the shit that fuels our souls!!⚡