Embracing the power of DECISION to shape the life of your dreams 🌟


“In every decision, you’re choosing between God or God, so decide!” – Aubrey Marcus


Have you ever marveled at the remarkable innovations that humans have brought into existence? From airplanes to skyscrapers to AI, our capacity to create is awe-inspiring. But what sets apart those who turn their ideas into reality? It’s not just about having brilliant ideas; it’s about execution and, at its core, the ability to make decisions.


There is a deep misunderstanding of the nature of decision-making:

Often, the reason people fail to bring their ideas to fruition is a lack of understanding about the true essence of decision-making. Decision, derived from “de-cise” or “cut out,” is the elimination of doubt. The famous business coach David Neagle, helped me understand that for a decision to come true, it must be reflected in our time, our money, and our relationships. Making decisions means being unafraid to let go of some resources and potentially disappoint others. It is an investment in what truly lights us up and it is what inspires others to pursue their own desires.


After all, what’s the point of time and money if we don’t allow ourselves to spend it on things that which lights us up? And never forget that the people who truly love you are those who want to see you happy and fulfilled. I personally prefer to be surrounded by people who are constantly pursuing new and exciting endeavors (even if it means they have less time to spend with me) rather than being surrounded by people who are constantly complaining about the same shit. The latter group are generally avoiding the big decisions and consequently letting the world make these decisions for them, which in turn makes them feel like a victim (I’ve certainly been there!).


The truth is, the only wrong decision is indecision. Even if you make a “wrong” move, you then have the opportunity to make it right, but if you never make a move, you end up going nowhere. I truly felt this when I was dabbling in teaching yoga because it lit me up, but I was afraid to pursue it further because of how it might impact my appearance as a dental professional. After facing these doubts and deciding to go all in on yoga and dentistry, I was able to transmute my passion for yoga into greater success and love for dentistry and it opened up so many opportunities and connections that have changed my life forever. Looking back, making the decision to create and host dental aid yoga retreats has taken enormous amounts of time, money, and it even cut some people out of my life, but it was the second best decision I’ve ever made ( the first being the decision to go all in on building a life with my soulmate, Danielle).


The acronym AND is incredibly empowering. You can be a successful professional AND pursue your wildest passions, all it takes is Decision: All or Nothing Decide.


The Power of Difficult Decisions:

Dr. Galen Detrik once told me this saying that stuck with me; “Easy life = hard decisions. Hard life = easy decisions.” This encapsulates the significance of making challenging decisions. If our daily choices revolve around trivial matters, we are likely avoiding the deeper passions that can fulfill and challenge us. The abundance of choices and deals in today’s world has made decision-making more challenging than ever. Doubt and analysis paralysis rob us of our greatest superpower and I would argue that they greatly contribute to the global mental health crisis.


The Energy Behind Decisions:

Whenever Danielle and I make a desirable decision, we feel a great degree of freedom, lightness, and power. It begins with small decisions that create significant shifts:

We recently booked our honeymoon to Romania and Italy. Up until the point of booking flights and stay, there were infinite options and choices and unrelenting nagging internal doubts like “are we going to the right places?” “can we afford to take off enough time?” “are we getting the best deals?”….. Thoughts like these could have paralyzed us into waiting until prices double (which is now the case for flights to Europe) or worse, never booking anything at all! I can only imagine how different our relationship would be if we avoided making these decision by prioritizing our daily grind and living in the narrative of “too busy.”


Taking Control of Your Life:

**Whenever you’re uncertain about making the “right” decision, pick one and then make it right! What matters most is the energy behind your decisions. The moment we booked our flights, I pulled out a bottle of Limoncello (Italian liquor) and took a shot to inaugurate the excitement we will feel once there:


And to help obliterate the internal doubts, I asked myself, “would finding a slightly more spectacular location and or saving a few hundred dollars be worth more hours of incessantly searching, questioning, and doubting?”


Make decisions faster, and celebrate each decision to help raise your confidence and happiness. Each decision we make, no matter how small, shapes our trajectory. As the CEOs of our lives, we hold the power to make good decisions quickly and consistently. By addressing our doubts and fears, we unleash our infinite potential. Doubts and the belief that “now is not the right time” perpetuate a cycle of inaction. To break free, we must actively seek evidence that supports our desires and dreams. Making decisions aligned with our deepest aspirations opens doors to fulfilling lives.


Where are you leaking your infinite power to doubts in your life? What is one decision you can make right here, right now, that will shift the course of your life’s trajectory in a desired direction?


We have dental aid yoga trip coming up in November, and now is the time I get to connect with interesting clinicians from all over the world who desire to join us. I love these calls because I love meeting and connecting with beautiful souls, and almost every call ends with the individual(s) desiring to join even more, however only about half of those who make it to this step in the process end up actually joining. What’s interesting is that the ones who say they “need this” the most are the ones who almost always regretfully tell me that they cannot make it (usually a few weeks before the actual retreat). I share this only to illustrate how paralyzing indecision can be. What’s more, these people usually close by saying something along the lines of “next time, I’ll be there for sure.” Not one of the people in this category have actually followed through on this promise. Perhaps you could also relate to this within your patients/clients?


But why is this?


Saying no to a desire leads to more of the same. Our brains are wired to prove our beliefs. As I stated above, Doubts and the belief that “now is not the right time” perpetuate a cycle of inaction because the brain is actively scanning for evidence to validate this decision, so as more time passes you will only pay more attention to and gather even more evidence to prove that now is still not the right time.

If you desire to join us on a Revive Mission, I’d love for you to make the decision, but what I honestly would love even more is that you make the decisions aligned with our deepest aspirations, especially if you can relate to being in the “too busy, now is not a good time” state of mind.

Start with simple decisions to allow your brain to shift into seeking evidence to prove that you deserve the life of your dreams, this is the only way you will ever get there 😉 and this is why I wholeheartedly believe in our sign-off quote below.


“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist