Do you know what you’re drinking!?

Acidic drinks and foods cause an increase in both tooth erosion and decay. Most people are aware that such as Soda Pop, Fruit juices, Sports Drinks, Alcohol, Tea, and Coffee.
But many people do not realize that many brands of bottled water are also very acidic, with Ph values below 7.0. For comparison, your body has a relatively neutral Ph around 7.0-7.4. Lower Ph numbers represent higher acidity. Check out the Ph levels of some popular brands of bottled water.
Vitamin Water 3.5
Propel Zero (Gatoraide) 3.5
Propel Fitness Water 3.6
Aquafina (made by Pepsi) 4.0
Dasani (made by Coke) 4.0
Perrier 4.5
Ethos (Starbucks) 4.5
Smart Water 5.0
Ice Age Glacial Water 4.5
Poland Springs Water 5.0
Pure American Water 5.5
Dannon Spring Water 5.5
Ice Mountain 6.0
Crystal Geyser 6.0
Great Value (Walmart) 6.0
(values taken from a study by the American Dental Hygienists Association)
It has been suggested that an excessively acidic diet can affect a person’s general health. In the mouth, it has been demonstrated that this acidity does increase both the amount of tooth erosion and decay. Numerous studies have shown tap water to be better in quality, Ph, and cost versus many types of bottled water.
Tap Water (from Lake Michigan) 7.5-8.0
Well Water (Northern Illinois) 7.5-8.0
If you’re shocked, you’re not alone!