Making your dreams a reality by: Evan Shy

One of the most rewarding parts of my “job” is the stimulating conversations with our community (not limited to clients). I’m so grateful for the opportunity to provide any sense of encouragement based on my own life’s experience… and equally so, in the immense satisfaction I receive from your vulnerable inquisitions… expressing personal stories and triumphs that are endlessly inspiring – so I thank you in turn.

I can tell you this, although things can get incredibly challenging on the climb to achieving your goals, the progressive merging of passion and profession make every precarious step worthwhile. In fact, obstacles faced along the way just make the triumph that much sweeter. I fully encourage you to aggressively pursue the interests that have consistently and clearly been a present source of fulfillment. It is these pursuits that offer potential far beyond the possibilities embarking on the overly beaten path of others. Even if this quest implies financial difficulties in the beginning – it most certainly will – the increasing confidence in yourself correlating with the gradual realization of your dreams, makes any ancillary cost to get there worth every penny (and then some).

Although I encourage decisive action in professional intervention when change is so vividly necessary, it should not be done without meticulous diligence, identifying objective goals with meaningful and measurable markers – propelling you on an ascending path to your ultimate vision. But don’t over think it, ACTIVITY drives the dream, remaining in a perpetual state of planning does nothing to create the life you envision. The time for positive change, is always NOW. Cut the anchor and burn the ships : relinquish comfort & safety while embracing risk. You get one shot at this thing (life), why spend the majority of your time (40 + hrs / weekly) doing something predominately adding stress and discontent to your life with the delusional expectation of achieving some undefined degree of happiness later on. Think about that, spending the best part of one’s life, playing safe, solely focused on earning money in the hope to enjoy a questionable liberty during the least valuable part of it. Happiness and fulfillment are not things you sacrifice now at the mere prospect of experiencing them in the future… the latter is uncertain, and your ability to predict the person you are when it comes, even more so.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams today my friends. We’re all counting on it.