What you give is what you get

What we receive in life is a direct reflection of what we put out. Some may refer to this notion as Karma or the Law of Attraction. This applies to our actions, and also to our thoughts, desires and choices as they dictate our actions.⠀

For example, constantly thinking about misfortunes will only attract more misfortunes. However, focusing on the blessings in those misfortunes (the lessons learned from them), will naturally attract more blessings. Sitting in stillness gives us the opportunity to practice witnessing our thoughts and choosing to release those that don’t serve us, so we can authenticate our desires and live in harmony with our true selves. ⠀

Today I revisited my desire to be curious and compassionate; my desire to get a deeper understanding of every soul I encounter in hopes to disprove the preconditioned thoughts (judgements) that often prevent me from learning and connecting. ⠀

For me, there’s no better reset than looking inward and asking, “What do I love and why?” ⠀

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