Why yoga? By: Dr. Cristian Pavel

Why yoga?

Clarity- Yoga is a practice that disciplines the mind and body to be present. Once true presence is tasted, life becomes clear:

Why we are here: To grow, love, and evolve.

What truly matters: Everything that is right here and now, what you put into your body, what you put out into the world, and what you choose to focus your attention on.

So then, what do you place your attention/energy on?
Anything but your ego – Putting in the energy to maintain the illusion of your own grandeur is so physically/mentally/emotionally debilitating, and in the end it’s completely meaningless- You can spend your entire life trying to make a lasting impression on the world only to realize that you never actually lived. Releasing some of your “self-importance” allows you enough energy to glimpse the actual grandeur of the universe, and this cannot be described in words, it can only be witnessed.
Pay attention to what you put in your body: If you begin to question where your meal came from, you can appreciate the taste of each element and become more mindful of how each ingredient affects you. When you take in fresh, wholesome simple foods you can truly distinguish your body’s responses, and with time your body will naturally begin to crave what makes it feel the best. This will require patience because most people’s taste buds are constantly overstimulated by refined sugars and salts. What we choose to consume goes so much deeper than fulfilling a craving. What you put into your body is a direct reflection of the energy you put out into the world.
Keep things simple: Our mind’s are wired to keep us safe, listen to your ego and you’ll NEVER be satisfied. It will always find a way to shape something in your awareness as a disparity. If what you seek is happiness, you must realize that it is deeply embedded within you in each and every moment. Everything else is just a complication distracting you from what truly is, so just be.
Live from the heart. The truth is, everyone just wants to be loved.
And count your blessings as often as possible, otherwise you’ll only see them when they’re gone.