Dmitry K.

August 3, 2016

“It is my pleasure to leave a feedback about the outstanding service that was provided by Dr. Cristian Pavel in his Family Dental Studio. My first visit to this clinic was for a routine dental cleaning. Notwithstanding, right from the first minute I was impressed by the perfect organization of their office: I didn’t have to wait in line, all paperwork took no longer than a minute, and two minutes after I was already welcomed by Cristian to proceed with the dental cleaning.

Based on the X-ray, he professionally diagnosed numerous cavities that I have accumulated over the last two years avoiding dentists. Dr. Cristian Pavel also proposed a very reasonable and convenient schedule that would allow fixing them all in just three visits.

I was desired by an outstanding professionalism and patience of both Cristian and his assistant, John. They really care about the patient by clearly describing each and every step and procedure that they are going to proceed with. Moreover, they demonstrate intermediate steps of their work, which allows the patient to see what is going on with a particular tooth that is being fixed. They are real professionals! At the same time, both Dr. Cristian Pavel and his assistant, John, are very nice and friendly. All this makes you trust these gentlemen, which is extremely important connection between you and your doctor.

All this said, I strongly recommend Dr. Cristian Pavel. He is the best dentist that I have had so far. If every dentist will be like him, people would have no fear of dentists!”