Smile Alchemy

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You CAN manifest a healthy mind, body, AND smile without missing a beat! We want to create a world where dental care and self-care are synoymous.

It's time to shift away from the mindset of "fixing your teeth", to healing the root cause of persistent oral problems. We want to help strengthen the connection between a beautiful healthy smile and a vibrant life.

For us, satisfaction comes from helping one person at a time to optimize the health and beauty of their smile; and watching the ripple effect that inevitably flows from this revived state. By creating a retreat-like dental experience for our patients, we are able to spend an extended time getting to know each individual, while also getting into a creative flow state where dentistry feels more like art. This allows us to accomplish more in a couple days than would otherwise be done in months or years with single-tooth dental visits. Your dream smile is closer than you think!

Wellness Comes First

At Smile First Dental Wellness, our mission is to Connect the between oral health and overall wellness. We best achieve this by simply asking and listening.

What lights you up?

What’s weighing you down physically and or mentally? 

Our goal is to help you see the habits contributing to your oral symptoms, understand why you’re doing them, and inspire you to lean into what excites you to help overcome negative patterns. This is the recipe for lasting transformation, your health and your smile are the side-effects ;) 

We aim to constantly inspire you to see the beauty around you and leverage these feelings to overcome negative habits. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi.

Wellness is winning at life and it happens when you love yourself and your life. Then will you take best care of yourself and make the most of your life!

It Begins with Our Breathing:

"How we breathe, both in depth and cadence, affects every aspect of our body. Learning to breathe properly is learning to live well."

Symptoms vs. Root Causes

Symptoms vs. Root Causes: "Understanding the difference between symptoms and root causes is essential. Surface treatments offer temporary relief, while addressing root causes leads to lasting health."

Wellness vs. Holistic Dentistry

Wellness Dentist: We’re not here to label treatments as inherently good or bad without understanding you first. Nothing is universally good or bad."

Psychological Attributes of Oral Habits

Psychological Impact on Oral Health: "Grinding and clenching often stem from psychological stress. Understanding and managing stress can prevent tooth damage." It comes back to how were’ breathing, fast and shallow vs. deep and slow. The goal is to train you to learn how to breathe deeper and slower in order to feel calm yet also aware and alert but without the stressful side-effects. 

Honesty and Self-Improvement

Embrace Imperfection and Honesty: "I’m not perfect, and I’ll share my pitfalls. Being honest about them helps me improve continually."

Holistic Care and Intuition

Holistic Care: "Your intuition is your greatest doctor. I want to teach you how to tap into it." Listen, start each day by doing NOTHING!

Oral Microbiome and Nutrition

Oral Microbiome: "The oral microbiome is the second most diverse after the gut. Proper care involves balancing it with high prebiotics, green tea, and fermented foods and avoiding Sds, alcohols, and essential oils.