Embracing the power of DECISION to shape the life of your dreams 🌟

  “In every decision, you’re choosing between God or God, so decide!” – Aubrey Marcus   Have you ever marveled at the remarkable innovations that humans have brought into existence? From airplanes to skyscrapers to AI, our capacity to create is awe-inspiring. But what sets apart those who turn their ideas into reality? It’s not … Read more

Don’t let tooth grinding get the best of you!

If you are a bruxer (a tooth grinder), there are many solutions. Your best bet is to act as soon as possible! Here is an example of a recent patient who had destroyed all his upper teeth from years of clenching and grinding. Dr. Cris and Dr. Danielle restored his bite to a functional position … Read more

Destination Dentistry!

Last December we finally had the opportunity to attend an acro yoga workshop in Toronto lead by the @acrobuddhas 🤸🏻‍♂️. Despite years of social media stalking and idolizing from afar with heart eyes 😍 and dropped jaws🙀, we were pleased to have made an instant connection with Ryan & Miranda in person. ⠀ •⠀ A few weeks … Read more

What you give is what you get

What we receive in life is a direct reflection of what we put out. Some may refer to this notion as Karma or the Law of Attraction. This applies to our actions, and also to our thoughts, desires and choices as they dictate our actions.⠀ •⠀ For example, constantly thinking about misfortunes will only attract … Read more

Change happens in a moment!

Change does not take years, it happens the moment you decide to go ALL IN on yourself!   This is Ashley: Ashley decided that she was tired of hiding her smile, so she made the commitment to go all in and achieve the smile of her dreams! We couldn’t be more proud of her, it … Read more

Conservative Resin Veneers!

We’re so proud of our patient Michelle for entrusting us to take her smile to the next level!!! She was previously uncomfortable smiling because the tips of her teeth had a blueish color that made her embarrassed. Now she’s bursting with confidence and smiling bright!